Friday, October 16, 2009

Can-can I wear ruffles? Yes!

I bought this wool skirt when it was 100 degrees outside. And I have patiently bided my time since August for the mercury to dip low enough for me to wear it.

When I stepped outside this morning, it was 50 degrees -- perfect! Not realizing the temperature would hit 70, I happily pulled on my tights, my awesome wool skirt, boots and sweater. Adding a wide belt for good measure (surprise, surprise) and I set off for the office. No sooner was I on the road heading east that the sun hit me through the windshield and I realized I had jumped the gun. Nonetheless, I sought refuge in my air conditioned office -- for once, grateful they kept temperature so chilly.

I really like this skirt. However, ruffles on one's lower half are not usually recommended -- unless you happen to be a can-can dancer.


But I figured since the ruffles were low on the skirt, I could pull it off. I don't think it added bulk, but rather provided balance with my cinched in in waist. If I saw this skirt on someone, I would chase them down the street to find out where they got it. So imagine my surprise when I walk into the office and hear -- and this is a direct quote -- "Oh. (pause) Ruffles. (pause) Cute."


Oh well, you can-can't please all of the people all of the time. But I can-can still love what I wear! And I really would love to wear this outfit again, but next time I'll make sure the high is 50 degrees. There's a reason sheeps get shaved in the summer -- wool is very warm.

sweater: Ann Taylor
necklace: H&M
bracelet: Cookie Lee
belt: Fashion Focus
skirt: DKNY
boots: Calvin Klein

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