Saturday, October 3, 2009

Look who just blew into town

Welcome to Dressing On The Side -- Chicago edition.

When I decided on an October vacation in Chicago, I was looking forward to the leaves changing on the trees, and sunny, crisp days shopping on Michigan Avenue -- otherwise known as the Magnificent Mile. However, I picked a rainy and cold week to visit. The wind is blowing the rain sideways and my hair is getting knotted and soaked. Nonetheless, I forge ahead.

Despite the not-so-ideal weather, I decided to put my best foot forward. So, for my first full day in town, I wore a ruffled, white button-up blouse under a cropped blue sweater paired with a black skirt, black tights and black boots. If nothing else, the boots kept my legs dry as we ventured out to The Field Museum where we saw "Sue" the largest and most complete T-Rex fossil ever found. We explored the Real Pirate Exhibit, where I was slightly shocked to realize I dressed a bit like a pirate myself. To quote Jerry Seinfeld from the puffy shirt episode: "I don't wanna be a pirate!"


I was grateful that I had the foresight to purchase a raincoat before I visited The Windy City. Although, I was slightly surprised to see that I (apparently) am the only one in Chicago with a bright pink raincoat. And it may explain some of the looks I got while riding the subway. I think my raincoat screams, "Howdy ya'll! I'm not from 'round here!"


blouse: Nine West
sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
skirt: Banana Republic
boots: Calvin Klein
jacket: 23rd St.

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