Thursday, January 7, 2010

If I didn't have a plane, perhaps my sleeves could help me fly home

Somewhere between crazed and pissed off, there is this face:

post Thurs

Honestly people, I think I've forgotten how to do this. Is Barbizon still enrolling?

What can I say about today's ensemble? To be practical, since it was below 30 degrees today with, a windchill in the teens, I definitely aimed for warmth. In reality, since I never actually have to come in contact with fresh air (thanks to a strategic positioning of parking structures), I can pretend it is in the 50's and wear a skirt.

The story behind this sweater (and yes, there is always a story), is that one day last year my boss told me he need me to fly to Austin for the day to work on a project at a client's office. Sure, no problem. I happily hoped on the plane and earned some SWA rapid rewards. However, that "one day" turned into three days. So, rather than commute back and forth to Dallas, I decided to take advantage of being in my hometown. I drove my rental car as fast as I could to the local Target and set about figuring out how to wear the same black pants for another two days. Which was not hard to do, really. The tricky part was figuring out how to do "full face" makeup with a new tube of mascara, the pressed powder in my purse and borrowed eyeshadow from mom. Did you know you can't expense lipstick?!

To recap, this sweater was one I bought and wore with black day...a year Austin. And even with all the time I have had to consider it, I honestly don't know where the sleeve width starts and stops on this thing -- they are quite vast.

sweater: Mossimo
t-shirt: Mossimo (freak coincidence really)
skirt: Banana Republic
belt: Fashion Focus
boots: Calvin Klein
necklace: Cookie Lee

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