Thursday, January 28, 2010

If only I could get may hair to do that wavey thing...

I love the fashions of the 1940's. I have always said I was born too late -- I should have been a New York City socialite in 1945. I can't say exactly what it is that I find so fascinating, but I have some idea.

The 1940's dress was flattering to the female figure; classic in style; and emphasized the waist, producing an "hourglass" silhouette. Colors of the 1940's were deep, rich, saturated hues. At this time, shoes began to show off more of the foot with slip-on styles and peep-toes.

My bathroom is decorated with prints from Joyce Ballantyne's pin-up collection--a daily reminder of the pin-up girl within. It's true that what you wear has a direct affect on how you feel. When I wear an outfit like I wore today, I feel like a glamorous woman in 1940's.

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I even threw in some fishnet stockings for good measure. Technically, the 1940's were all about "full fashioned hosiery" you know, the kind with the seam running up the back. The beloved move "A Christmas Story" was set in 1939 or 1940 -- and as you may know, fishnets played a part in that movie.

("It's a major award!"-- A Christmas Story)

As with most of my blog entries, there is a back story about who said what. Earlier this week, when I found this blouse on the clearance rack (deep discount) at Ann Taylor, there were other women looking at the same racks. One of them pulled out this shirt and said "This is so ugly. This looks like something my grandmother wore." I just kept my mouth shut, but what I was thinking was "Your grandmother must have been a hottie -- maybe you could learn something from her."

blouse: Ann Taylor
skirt: Pink Tartan
belt: Mossimmo
stokings: Vera Wang for Khol's
shoes: Jessica Simpson

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