Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spring into fall

Getting dressed in the morning is a lot like taking my dogs out to do their business. Sometimes it is very frustrating, takes a long time, and makes me late for work. Other times it is easy and over before you realized what happened. Today was the former.

The weather in Dallas has been rainy and dreary for days and days. The office where I work is air conditioned to a nippy 68 degrees and I'm about one sneeze away from wearing tights and boots to work. We are still 7 days away from the start of Autumn --which begins September 22nd -- but since it is so very close (and my office is so very cold) I got a jump start on dressing for Fall today.


I found this cute cropped, sateen cotton jacket at Nordstrom's Rack. Having originally tried it on with jeans, I was perplexed by what to wear it with to the office. I own several cute jackets, but have recently decided they all look best with jeans and not my work-appropriate pants or skirts.

Pacing from closet to closet, I tried to decide what to wear. I finally grabbed these pants and worked my way up. The multi-colored scarf was hanging with my belts. The burnt orange color in the scarf lead me to the selection of the burnt orange t-shirt (and not, as one co-worker suggested, because I'm from Austin and support the Longhorns).

I vacillated between wearing the platform, snakeskin heels or wearing a pair of burgundy patent leather peep toes. I ended up keeping on the snakeskin heels and hoping too much pattern in one outfit wouldn't put people off. I added the gold jewelry to compliment the gold threads in the scarf. And, as a last minute decision, I decided to wear my butterfly ring -- once again compelling a co-worker to state "That is a big ring." Nothing escapes this brain trust.

jacket: Kenneth Cole
t-shirt: Banana Republic
pants: Banana Republic
scarf: Apt. 9
shoes: Guess
gold bracelet: Apt. 9
ring: B&B Resale shop

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