Friday, May 15, 2009

Who needs to remember where they parked? Not me.

Have you ever had the experience where you perceive a smell and suddenly remember an event that you'd forgotten for years? Or, consider certain perfume or cologne smells that remind you of people in your life (Oscar de la Renta = mom; patchouli = Jerod; Blackberry and Vanilla = Megan; moth balls = Aunt Phyllis, etc. ). These are examples of the connection between olfaction and memory. A smell can bring on a flood of memories, influence people's moods and even affect their work performance. Clothing does the same thing for me.

There is a scientifically proven connection between olfaction and memory. To me there is also a connection between old fashion and memory. Get it? Olfaction. Old Fashion. Okay, moving on...

I think we can all relate to wearing something we have worn before and it reminds of other times we wore that outfit. For example, you wear a dress to a friend's wedding and then later that year (or years later), you wear the same dress out to a nice dinner. You probably think about the friend's wedding as a result of what you are wearing. I can remember specific compliments I received when wearing certain items of clothing. Likewise, I can remember anything negative said.

I may have a real problem with short-term memory. However, my old fashion memory works quite well. I can remember the outfit I wore the first day of school to the 1st grade: red cotton skirt, white cotton top with hearts all over it. I remember waking up, being so excited about school (last time that happened), getting dressed and going to the living room only to see my parents watching the news -- I had only been asleep for about 2 hours. The first day of my senior year of high school I wore a red denim skirt, white cotton top with floral print (and I'm fairly certain I rocked a braided leather belt with that outfit). Not sure why I favored red skirts, but I digress.

Today's outfit is nothing too memorable. I have worn this dress one time before, but last time it was with a black belt and my BCBG "Angel" shoes (as shown last Friday). Today I opted for my nude belt and shoes. I will say that I was about half way through my work day when it dawned on me what this belt reminded me of. Has it occurred to you yet?

I am also wearing my ginormous coral and turquoise butterfly ring. This is the very same ring that prompted a memorable (albeit lengthy) Facebook status update and several supportive comments in return (to recap, last time I wore this ring a woman commented, "Wow, that's a big ring." This mindless statement prompted a discussion about how people who state the obvious are not necessarily complimenting you so they should just keep quiet.).

Yes, my old fashion memory is very keen. I don't think I shall ever forget what this belt reminds me of.

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