Thursday, September 3, 2009

Define "too much"

I hear a lot of women say, "Well, I was going to wear a _____________(belt / necklace / heels / tiara) with this, but it was just too much."

We all have our own ideas of what "too much" is. For some, a necklace AND earrings is "too much". For others, "too much" means they wouldn't wear metallic shoes outside a dance club. I am very aware that my idea of "too much" is no where near the limits of some people's concept of "too much". Hence, I don't think I have ever uttered the words, "I was going to wear a red belt, but it was just too much." No, I would wear the belt.

Every morning I look in the mirror, ponder my outfit and ask myself: "Is this too much?" Very rarely do I tell myself it is.

For example, today's outfit:


Taking a few elements from an outfit I wore in May, I modified and built on it to create today's ensemble.

Keeping the multi-colored blouson top and sweater, I swapped out my gray skirt for this lilac one (Why I thought I would never wear a lilac skirt is beyond me**) and my purple, croc, hidden platform pumps. When I decided it wasn't enough, I added a black belt to provide some definition. I'm sure some people think this is "too much" -- and that is fine by me.

**As an aside about this lilac skirt, I purchased it at a consignment store earlier this year. It is what I wore it in my first blog entry of May 4th. Since then I have worn it about 4 times. As with most of my consignment purchases, I often wonder about the original owner. When and where did she buy it? What did she wear it with? Did she only wear it at Easter? Why did she decide to get rid of it? Based on deductive reasoning, I have concluded this skirt is circa 2002 - 2004. I figured this out while watching reruns of "Less Than Perfect" on Lifetime. One of the characters was wearing a very similar skirt with a cream colored blouse. And this was an episode when Sara Rue was heavier, so it was early in the series. Is this too much information? I don't think so.

blouse: I.N. San Francisco
cardigan: J.J. Basics
skirt: Etcetera
belt: Fashion Focus
shoes: Charles David

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