Thursday, June 18, 2009

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion...unless it's wrong

InStyle magazine, has recently added actress Rachel Bilson as a style columnist. Having no idea who she is, I looked her up. Apparently, she made it big on the "O.C." a show I (surprisingly) did not watch. Each month, the "style-setting actress" answers reader's fashion questions. In the July issue, one of her answers got me so worked up, I decided to blog about it.

What could possibly prompt me to forgo the usual, self-serving photo opportunity that is my blog? Here it is:

Q. I've chosen a summery maxidress for my sister's graduation. What shoes do I need?

A. Flat sandals with interesting details are the way to go. I like T-strap or braided pairs that buckle at the ankle. Try Coach or Giuseppe Zanotti -- both have pretty versions. It's nice when a bit of toe peeks out from underneath the hem. Opt for nude polish, though -- you don't want to distract from your dress.

Now just in case you do not know what a maxidress is, I've arranged for the AV department to provide a visual aid:

Popularized in the seventies, the maxidress has made its way back to mainstream (much like David Carradine). These dresses are super long and depending on how tall the wearer is, they could drag the floor.

I agree with Ms. Bilson, flat sandals are the way to go with the maxidress. This could be why I do not own/wear a maxidress -- you would be hard pressed to find anything lower than a 3" heel in my closet. However, it is her advice to opt for nude polish so you don't "distract from the dress" that really irritated me.

As someone who's toes are always painted a bright or dark color (depending on the season) I am offended by the assertion that color on the toes would distract from fashion. Couple this with the fact that maxidresses will, in most cases, completely cover your feet and it is an absurd response!

Bottom line: there is only one way your toenails will "distract from your dress" and if this is the case, you have a whole mess of other issues to worry about.

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