Monday, June 22, 2009

Romper Room

This weekend, while visiting my family in Austin, I saw a girl wearing the cutest black, strapless short romper. It was very similar to the picture shown at the left -- but shorter. This girl was super tall, super slim and had fantastic arms and legs. She was a vision of blonde hair and tan skin as she moved gazelle-like up and down on the elliptical. Say what? You read right. The elliptical. At the gym.

Now, I must admit if anyone could pull off a strapless short romper it was this girl. She had the body for it. However, great limbs or not, I found the low cut socks and worn out Nikes a bit distracting. Couple that with the fact that she clearly was not wearing a bra and I think I have a great case for fashion negligence.

Running on the treadmill, I was so distracted by her that time flew by. I should have thanked her. It made my hamster run more interesting.

Later, my attention was diverted from romper girl to an older lady doing tai chi movements while pedaling on a stationary bike. It takes all kinds. And this my friends, is what they mean by "Keep Austin Weird."

If anyone was wondering, this is my idea of work out attire -- doggie dumbbells not included.

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