Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You're getting sleeeepy

Why do zebras have stripes?

According to author Peter Apps, the stripes could act as camouflage by breaking up the zebra's outlines. However, he acknowledges that zebra's behavior does not fit what would be expected from a camouflaged animal -- zebras are noisy and active. Interesting -- I'm noisy and (somewhat) active and I'm hardly what you would call a camouflaged animal. Another suggestion is that the conglomeration of dazzling stripes in a zebra herd would make it difficult for a predator to concentrate on a particular target. That's it! Dazzling stripes makes it difficult for an onlooker to concentrate on one specific area.

This may be why stripes are one of the most popular patterns used by the fashion industry. Clearly, stripes have a way of concealing. I mean, today's dress even tricked the camera. In person, this dress is perfectly vertically striped, but in the picture, it becomes crazy wavy lines -- similar to what you see before someone in a movie has a flashback. Genius! Want to look taller and/or thinner? Wear vertical stripes. You never hear anyone say "as big as a zebra," and yet female zebras weigh 850+ pounds -- food for thought.

Another trick to make your legs appear thinner and longer is to wear a nude colored shoe with skirts/dresses. At this rate, I should look about 6' tall today.

*Author's note: A yellow belt would look really cute with this dress, but alas, I did not find such a belt before I got the genius idea to stop shopping. If any of you happen to have a dress like this and a yellow belt, I'm jealous.

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