Thursday, June 25, 2009

I have 3 diplomas from the School of Thought

I usually subscribe to the school of thought that comfortable equals unfashionable. Let's face it, anyone who spends the better part of her life in 4 inch heels, is not too concerned about comfort -- or podiatric care. However, yesterday, I was looking for something comfortable to wear. And what could be more comfortable than a loose, knit dress? (But just so I didn't confuse this comfortable dress with my pajamas, I rocked my Carlos Santa Satisfaction heels in mauve.)

The dress must have looked comfortable too, because someone asked me, and I quote: "What is that a shirt? A dress?"

I bought this dress (yes, it's a dress) last Fall, when purple was the color of the moment. And here we are, a full two seasons later -- citrus hues are all the rage --and I'm still wearing purple. I also subscribe to the school of thought that no matter what the trendy colors are, you should wear what you want.

Seasonal or not, this color is still a hit. At work, someone said, "That's a great color." I nodded in agreement. Rude? I don't think so. I agreed with her statement, but her statement was not a compliment to me.

If she had said, "That's a great color on you," then I would have said "Thank you." I subscribe to the school of thought that a declaratory statement, about something I have no control over -- e.g., the color the manufacturer chooses to dye fabric -- does not count as a personal compliment.

I'm sure the color purple was flattered. I'm sure somewhere there's a crayon with an inflated ego.

Now, I'm sure some of you think I am over analyzing what people say to me. And to those people I say, "That tree is tall. You're welcome."

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