Friday, June 5, 2009

T.G.I.F. - This getup is fierce

If I was to go shopping this weekend, I would immediately buy a purple dress and aqua belt. I saw this on Tyra Bank and fell in love with the color combination.

Random fact: Tyra coined the catchphrase "fierce" during America's Next Top Model. I don't watch that show, or any reality shows, but I do love a good catchphrase.

And look, here are the same colors in reverse on Vivica A. Fox.

Random fact: Vivica appeared as Jazz's sister on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Tyra played Will's love interest during the college years. This is a show I did watch.

That's odd. I seriously doubt that I'm the first white woman to ever wear these colors together. Moving on.

Since I do not already own a purple dress or an aqua belt -- nor am I allowing myself to go buy these items -- I made the most of what I had. I shopped my closet and came up with this:

Today I paired an aqua tank top under a purple jacket. If the jacket looks familiar it's probably because we all owned a Members' Only jacket (or in my case a knock-off) at some point in the 80's. Like all fashion, the Members' Only jacket style has been recycled. Today's jackets offer shorter sleeves and brighter colors.

Since I cannot wear jeans to work (sigh), I opted for my black, cropped pants. I accessorized with my black, Carlos Santana Vertigos (yes, I have them in 3 colors), layered silver necklaces, a silver bangle and silver hoop earrings.

Today a coworker said, "don't you look sporty today?" as if it were a question. Umm, I don't I?

Maybe its the bangs:

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