Monday, June 1, 2009

Dear Diary, Let's take it from the top.

I first got the idea for this blog on May 4th. I know this because, not only does my blog act as a creative outlet and marketing material for The Style Within, but also as a photo diary wherein my outfits are confessed and documented. I first wore this lilac skirt on May 4th. It is less than one month into the blog -- I didn't expect to repeat this skirt so soon.

Confession: After weeks of lousy gym attendance and way too much edible indulgence, the black skirt I usually wear with this top decided it would rather stay in today. This unforeseen (not really) problem gave me the chance to try this skirt in a different combination.

I really like this top. It is a hybrid between a blouse vest and a vest -- a blest. I bought it last year on sale at Macy's. They only had one blest left in my size; however, it was missing the included skinny belt. After haggling with the saleslady, I bought the beltless blest for an additional 10% off with "no returns allowed." I agreed to buy the blest "as is," but I did not agree to wear it "as is."

Confession: On my way out of the store, I grabbed the coordinating belt off a blest that was twice the size of the one I bought. I had my husband punch extra holes in the belt and when I wear the belted blest, I simply cut a thin strip of Hollywood Fashion Tape and apply it to the end of the belt, adhering it to itself -- this way the excess material does not flap around. Also, this trick is great for when you wear belts over clothing without belt loops to secure the belt, such as dresses and blouses.

Today's outfit features my Carlos Santana "Vertigo" heels in "beluga blue" -- which translates to gray -- and some of my hematite (a/k/a gunmetal) jewelry. The necklace is three strands: one pearl, one crystal and one hematite chain. I do not normally wear pearls. I adore the way they look on most others -- refined and preppy -- but that's not me at all. I have a real (cultured) pearl necklace that I received as high school graduation gift. I believe those were memorialized in my sorority composite photo.
Confession: When I wear pearls I am reminded of a scene from Pretty In Pink. The one where Molly Ringwald's character goes to the house party and one of the drunk, mean girls says: "Nice pearls honey. This isn’t a dinner party."

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