Friday, June 26, 2009

My closet -- the Noah's Ark of Clothing?

They say "good things come in pairs." I'm not sure who "they" are, but this is what they say and I was reminded of it today as I dressed.

If the blue dress I'm wearing today looks the least bit familiar, it is because I wore a magenta one just like it last month. (I wanted the green one too, but figured that was overkill).

I am shameless about buying the exact same item in multiples. My clothing duplicity reads like a grocery list:

2 pairs of Nine West wedged-heel espadrilles -- one black pair, one white pair;
2 pairs of Steve Madden "Christen" wedges -- both the same color. One for wearing with the uber-dark jeans because the indigo dye rubs off and one pristine pair (I'm practical that way);
2 of the same sundresses from TJ Maxx, one pink, one blue.
2 pairs of the same Aldo spike heels -- one brown pair and one nude pair;
2 pairs of Nine West sling backs-- one nude pair and one black pair;
2 wrap tops (one that I wore last month), in both brown and green.

Of course, good things don't always come in pairs -- sometimes they come in triplicate or more. I have 3 pairs of Report flip flops -- pink, black and brown. As I mentioned the other day, I have Carlos Santana Vertigo shoes in 3 different colors. And I have the exact same seamless cami in 8 different colors. I'm the octo-mom of camis!

I don't want you to think I buy all of this at once. In fact, most of the duplicate items were bought at different times. It's just that when I find a style I like, or an item that fits well, my consumer impulse kicks in and I must have more! Same concept with peanut M&M's. Try to consume just one -- impossible! Could this be because there are so many colors to choose from? Perhaps.

And then today, as I was clicking around checking out other fashion blogs, I came across a posting about a woman who has vowed to wear the same dress for a year "to expose our wasteful, over-consuming generation." Are we a wasteful society? Definatley. Do I own too many clothes? Yes. And while I think this woman's mission is noble, I can't help thinking -- can I get her dress in green?

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