Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ear Candy

A huge trend for Spring/Summer 2009 is statement jewelry -- big, bold scene-stealing jewelry. But I'm sure there are many of you who, like me, don't need a fashion magazine to tell you when your favorite jewelry is in style.

I've always loved wearing jewelry, especially earrings. In 6th grade I wore earrings that would make Salt-n-Pepa jealous (and maybe Spinderella, but who knows...). Hoops so big, I could (and did) fit my arm through them.

I got my ears pierced when I was 6 months old. Mom promises a doctor did it, but I was born in a third-world country (Panama City, Panama) so who knows...

This morning, I tried 4 different necklaces before opting on these shoulder-grazing earrings -- some would say it is "statement jewelry," but I've had them since before anyone coined that phrase. These earrings were a gift from my mother. She bought them for me in Paris, which automatically raises the chic factor. And if you think they look heavy, you are right.

I think what makes fashion fun is pushing limits. And I like to push it, push it real good.

skirt: New York & Co.
blouse: The Limited
bracelets: Cookie Lee
necklace: probably the French version of Claire's
shoes: BCBG Angels


  1. Ahahaha! I was just listening to that song yesterday while mowing the yard. :) You look amazing, my dear. Simply amazing!

  2. Thanks Amy -- I listen to it on the iPod at the gym. Something about it gets me going. Our generation's hip hop was so much better than today's crap :-)

  3. Brilliant! Seriously world-class, doll.

  4. ...and don't underestimate that waist--that is certainly not just belts and photo magic dust!

  5. Max -- I heart you deeply. And believe me, knowing how to turn in properly for a photo helps immensely -- I wish I could logically walk through life in that pose :-)