Monday, July 20, 2009

Pull yourself up by your ankle straps

I have ophiophobia -- fear of snakes. Who doesn't? They are gross and creepy. There's a reason "coldblooded" is an insult. The only time I don't mind snakes is when their skin is on shoes, a belt or purse. Vestiphobia is the fear of clothing. I definitely don't have vestiphobia -- but there are some types of clothing that I avoid like a snake: skinny and/or acid washed jeans, heavy cable knit sweaters, accordion pleated skirts, and shoes with ankle straps.

I have short legs and wide calves (for example, most knee-high boots come with a 13-15" circumference -- I need 16"). I avoid ankle strap shoes, which tend to visually cut the legs, making them appear even shorter and wider. For this reason, I was wary about these snakeskin ankle strap shoes.

However, even with short legs and wide calves, I found I can wear shoes with ankle straps. First, I make sure the strap hits below the ankle. I avoid thick straps and dark colors. These particular shoes are a conglomeration of neutral colors. Generally, neutral colored shoes help create the illusion of a longer leg. In this case, I think the neutrality helps to avoid a shortening effect. Of course, the added height from the 3/4" platform and 3 1/2" heel does a good job to visually lengthen the leg as well. Also, wearing a skirt that falls above the knee will help keep your stems from appearing like stumps.



necklace: Cookie Lee
tank top: S.O.
wrap top: Worthington
skirt: Sunny Leigh
shoes: Guess (as in the brand name, not as in me being coy)

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