Thursday, July 2, 2009

The long and short of it

In an earlier posting, I explained / lamented how the only time we were allowed to wear jeans to the office was the day before a holiday. Since that posting, two holidays have occurred and we have had zero "denim days." First, there was Memorial Day and then today, the day before our 4th of July weekend, no denim -- how unpatriotic! They might as well burn the flag.

I think I finally have accepted the fact that "denim day" at our office no longer exists. No one is sure why we don't have them anymore. It could be that -- despite being an office entirely comprised of adults over the age of 25 -- some people take "denim day" to mean "derelict day" and show up to work looking all kinds of messed up. What is so difficult about it? You just put on an office-appropriate top and a nice pair of jeans. You wouldn't wear a tube top with khakis on Monday, so don't wear one with jeans on denim day.

Of course, office sanctioned "denim day" or not, there are still people in the office who take advantage of their job title and taunt the rest of us by wearing jeans whenever they want. Today, upon seeing several attorneys wearing jeans (one with flip flops!) I threatened to show up to work on Monday in a pair of city shorts (I'm no suffragette, but I do what I can).

City shorts are also known as "Bermuda shorts" and "walking shorts." I opt to call them city shorts since (clearly) I'm not in Bermuda and the term "walking shorts" implies some level of tourism. No, "city shorts" are the appropriate term since I work in the city. Though, ironically, I cannot wear city shorts to work.

The above photo is for demonstrative purposes only. Please disregard that fact the model has a boring t-shirt on and flatter than flat thongs. Obviously, I would wear a blouse and a pair of high heels.

What gets me most about the office ban on city shorts is that a moderate length city short is the same length as the average hem length of a dress or skirt. What is it about the seam running up the inner leg that creates such a scandal? I am amazed that knee-length shorts are still forbade or considered inappropriate for most offices. A good friend of mine was actually sent home from work last week for wearing city shorts on a Friday. And she works at an office where jeans are allowed everyday! The whole thing is reminiscent of the culotte controversy of my youth.

I think I understand how frustrated Katherine Hepburn must have been when she thwarted fashion rules of the 1930's, becoming one of the first woman to wear trousers in public. Maybe that is why today I felt as thought I was channeling her with my wide leg trousers and retro polka dot blouse.

But why does she look so pissed off? It's not like someone told her she couldn't wear jeans.

Top: Gap
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (I know, right)
Jewelry: Cookie Lee

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