Monday, July 27, 2009

Sometimes I even bore myself

I have a friend who is convinced green is "the next big thing". I happen to know teal, magenta and papaya are all the rage for Fall 2009, but I like where my friend's head is at. Plus, I say wear whatever colors you like, whenever you want to wear them -- trends be damned.

So while it technically is not the next "big thing," I still love green and wore my kelly green jacket with my navy trousers. If you didn't know any better it may look like I wore jeans, but sadly no, they were trousers. I've worn these pants before, but this time had the clever idea to make the belt loop conundrum obsolete by covering them up. Such a simple idea, the cover up. From swimsuits to Watergate, covering up has been the solution to many problems (with mixed results, of course).

The trousers have a faint window pane pattern, but it is impossible to see in this photo and almost as unnoticeable in person. So to bring in a touch of pattern and texture to my otherwise solid colored outfit, I wore my snake skin heels.

If nothing else, this blog helps me reevaluate my fashion choices. For example, I didn't realize just how plain this outfit was until I saw the picture. I guess Cher (from the movie "Clueless") had the right idea when she said "I don't rely on mirrors, so I always take polaroids." Unfortunatly, I take my pictures at the end of the day. Maybe one day I'll invest in a camera with a tripod and remote. Because while I may make the mistake of occassionally wearing an outfit I consider boring, I will never make the mistake of thinking I can be awake and dressed before my photographer (a/k/a husband) leaves for work.


jacket: INC
pants: Ann Taylor Factory Outlet
shoes: Nine West

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