Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This post is brought to you by the letter "D"

I once won a middle school class debate by using the dictionary. I don't remember the exact topic, but it was something like: "What is justice?" My opponent stuttered around, trying to logically piece his thoughts together. I stood there, queasy, but grateful I wasn't the one to go first. When it was my turn, I walked straight to the back of the room, grabbed a dictionary and read the definition of "justice," or whatever the topic was. I won. I think my resourcefulness impressed the gym coach forced to pull double duty as a debate teacher -- yet another fond memory of my formidable years.

(The preceding paragraph was just a turn in the winding trail on the way to my point.)

Remember watching Sesame Street (be it 25 years ago or recently)? Remember how every day was "brought to you" by a letter and a color? (And we're walking, we're walking...) So today, I'm thinking about this and how what I was wearing technically could never sponsor Sesame Street. I mean, I'm sure some episodes have been brought to you by "the color white" or "the color black." They may have even co-sponsored some episodes -- Sesame Street is big into diversity. But should they have technically been allowed to sponsor a day? I mean, black, white, beige, gray -- neutrals are opposite of color, so "the color black" is an oxymoronic term right?

(and this people, is how I fill my time during my commute)

I decided to turn to my old pals Merriam and Webster to see if I could figure out this internalized debate.

neu⋅tral  adj
(of a color or shade) achromatic

ach⋅ro⋅mat⋅ic adj
free from color

col⋅or n
a specific combination of hue

hue n
the attribute of colors that permits them to be classed as red, yellow, green, blue, or an intermediate between an contiguous pair of these colors

Okay then, so basically what I can take away from this little research project is this: today's outfit consisted entirely of neutrals and therefore could not sponsor a day on Sesame Street. Which is a real shame. I was looking forward to shopping at Mr. Hooper's store in August.


blouse: i.e.
sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
jeans: Ann Taylor Loft
shoes: Bakers

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