Sunday, July 19, 2009

Use your animal instincts

Animal print clothing has been around since...well, since clothing.

If we have learned anything from movies, cartoons and Geico commercials (and who hasn't?), it is that cavemen and cavewomen wore animal pelts.

The story goes like this, cavemen hunted and cavewomen gathered. I know that even if it was 10,000 B.C., I wouldn't want some guy with an archaic belief system telling me I had to wear what he skinned. I wouldn't sit around the cave, waiting to see what pelt Ug brought back. I would have been one of the first feminists -- Gloria Steinstone. If I wanted to wear leopard instead of lion, I would go out and get it myself -- hunt it and gather it.

Oh sure, I might need a burly man to help with the heavy lifting and the gross skinning part, but all-in-all I would do the work. Just as I hunted down this leopard print belt and gathered it up myself. Then, I wore it to work over a blue cardigan and black skirt. A fully modernized version of the cavewoman I would have been.



sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
necklace: Cookie Lee
bracelet: H&M
belt: New York & Co.
skirt: Larry Levine
shoes: Nine West

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