Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Girl -- Like the song, not the dolls

It is difficult for me to not associate certain colors with certain things, for example: When we first moved into our house I decided I was going to paint the kitchen. For some inexplicable reason I decided to paint the kitchen bright, bright yellow with accents of red (I think I was using some ethnic, Pier One, glazed plate as my inspiration). Once the walls were painted yellow, I set about the task of painting the beadboard red. I was about half way through when I realized I was making my kitchen look like an old school McDonald's. The beadboard was quickly repainted white, but the bright yellow walls remained. Eventually, I painted the kitchen cabinets a bright blue -- sort of French Provencialesque.

It was not until about a month later when it dawned on me -- not only was yellow and blue my high school colors (Go Trojans!) -- but it also happens to be on the WaMu logo.

My kitchen walls are now a very pale yellow. The cabinets are a darker shade of goldish yellow. Believe me, it looks much better and (so far) it hasn't brought to mind any fast food or banking establishments. Paint colors or not, I still associate certain colors with certain things.

Today I decided to wear my white pants and electric blue, silk blouse. I have always worn this blouse with black pants or skirt. But, since I'm all about trying to do new things with my clothes, today I opted for the white pants. I immediately wondered if I looked to "All American." I remind myself of the star-spangled part of the flag, only with a brighter blue. But, since there is no red in my outfit, it doesn't conjure up images of the entire flag. And -- unlike last week's black and yellow ensemble -- no one has commented on my "4th of July outfit" -- bonus!

I know white pants are iffy for many people. I was trepidatious to try them, but once I found the right cut and fabric I knew it would be okay. A fair share of white pants are made of paper-thin fabric and you can see right through them -- not professional at all (unless you are a "pro"). White pants with lining are a good option, but it can get too hot in the summertime to wear lined pants comfortably. After a good deal of looking for the right pair, I bought these white pants last year.

The secret about these pants is that they are actually a pair of jeans. I work at a place where jeans are not allowed, but then you know what they say about rules... These pants are trouser cut. They don't have the telltale jean hem, but they are cotton denim. Also, I have them professionally laundered to get the sharp crease.

I think the common misconception about white is that it makes you look "bigger." I don't know about all that. I do agree that black is better at hiding flaws, but let me tell you -- if you are wearing white pants, you will stay away from most things. This includes happy dogs, your car door, printer toner, highlighters without caps and food. I think I actually lost weight today since I was too nervous to eat for fear of messing up my white pants. Okay, you caught me. I actually did eat today, but I'm not lying when I say I covered myself in a blanket of paper towels before eating my lunch -- Amy's Organic Cheese Enchiladas. Those things are great, but one wrong move and it can take white to wrong.

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