Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peanuts are complimentary. Compliments are not.

When I left the house this morning, I mentally prepared for it. I assumed that today's color scheme was representative of some school's colors. This assumption aside, my intention -- with today's outfit -- was to do "runway" the "real way."

I first saw bright blue and orange paired together in Vogue. It makes sense -- they are at opposite sides of the color wheel. Coral and turquoise are complimentary of each other -- why not safety orange and cobalt blue? The models I saw were swathed in vibrant colored silk. One in an electric blue pantsuit with a bright orange cami, the other in a vivid orange dress with a bright blue pattern. Not having either the pantsuit or the dress, I opted for a cotton cami from Express, a blue cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft and my gray pants. I debated whether or not to tuck, but given my ongoing belt loop drama I opted for untucked. I piled on the jewelry and headed for the office.

The second I stepped foot in the office door I hear: "You're wearing Southwest Airlines' colors today?" Huh? I was not mentally prepared for that. I proceeded to argue that SWA's colors were a bit darker than what I was wearing. But this woman insisted that she had just seen a plane that morning and I was in fact wearing the same colors. I guess I should have taken her word for it. I mean, after all, I'm sure if she saw a plane -- 5,000 feet in the air -- she would know. Instead I used Google -- close, but I see the difference.

Later today, I found out that I was in fact wearing school colors. Boise State to be exact -- GO BRONCOS!

Believe me, this was not my intent. I simply wanted to see how bright orange and blue would translate outside of a fashion magazine. And apparently it translates to: "Welcome aboard Southwest Airlines flight 1286, final destination Boise."


  1. I think Florida Gators when I see those colors. You look lovely, my friend! :)

  2. Hilarious!! and totally left field as an observation, I'd say. I call dressing like this--reinterpreting looks from magazines or trends with what is in my means/reach "mall chic." Mall chic is the mark of a talented garment analyst because you will not find the level of labels and perhaps quality at the mall (er, prices either), but you can find what you want if you're savvy. I really never go to the mall, but mall chic labels like Ralph Lauren, Express, hell--even the occasional Hot Topic find-- can be a real score.

  3. You look amazing in this shade of blue! Lovin' your blog. Its inspiring me to lose the baby weight fast and go shopping!!