Saturday, May 9, 2009

If you're strappy and you know it clap your hands!

Bra straps. Can't live with them. Can't lift without them. So what's a girl to do about the girls? There are several options available to us. Hell, there are industries built around them. Victoria has made no secret about it. Fredrick took over Hollywood with them. And lest we forget Bette Midler sang a song about them.

So what am I to do when I want to throw on a comfy, thin-strapped tank? There are bras with clear straps -- but I find they lack the comfort and hoist of traditional straps. There are strapless bras --but (much like chocolate cake), I find they go straight towards my waist. I know what you are thinking -- improper fit. Well, that may be true, but the fact is I worry more about what I'm wearing on the outside, than I do about what is underneath.

You may say, "But, Daniela, isn't what you wear under your clothes just as important as what everyone can see?" To which I may say (diving into the shallow end of my personality), "Nothing is more important than what everyone can see." The Style Within's motto is "its what's inside your closet that counts," not, "its what's inside your lingerie drawer that counts."

Now, where was I? Oh yes, bra straps. Okay, so today I threw on a shapeless (yet embellished), aqua tank top. I just threw on the top, paying no mind to the fact that I was wearing a standard issue bra underneath. Nothing cute about this bra -- no frills, no lace. It was, however, a nice pewter color. I thought about changing into my bra with clear straps. I considered changing into a strapless bra.

As I stood there, debating my options, a wise woman's voice resonated in my head. "So what if your bra straps show. At least then everyone knows you are wearing one." Yes, wise words indeed. Thanks mom.

**Disclaimer: The author only condones visible bra straps under certain circumstances. For example: an outdoor concert, mowing the lawn, McD run and going to the nail salon. The author does not support (pun intended) visible bra straps at work, school, church, mall, car dealership, grocery store, restaurant, et al.


  1. Thanks for a strapping discussion. I found it very uplifting. Glad to know there is support out there for this topic. Good information by the cupful.

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