Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its Unnatural!

I love unnatural fabrics: rayon, modal, spandex. I especially love polyester. Nothing against cotton, wool, silk or any other natural fibers -- I own my fair share -- but I love me some man-made, artificial, flame-retardant fabrics. The stuff doesn't wrinkle, it comes out of the washer practically dry and it never fades! Now, I know what you are thinking -- leisure suits, shiny shirts, your 4th grade teacher's wardrobe -- but all that is not necessarily true.

Today I wore a 100% polyester skirt circa 2004. I don't think I have worn this skirt for 2 years. Its pattern is made up of black, coral, peach, and cream with touches of brown. I use to rock it with a peach, lace-trimmed cami, black wrap sweater and the best pair of "all man-made material" shoes a girl can buy for $15. Trust me, they were fabulous!! But I digress. The coral tank top I wore today is 85% rayon and 15% spandex (I really thought I sensed cotton in there). The brown wrap top is 90% cotton and 10% spandex. This picture was taken after my day at the office. Look ma, no wrinkles. Fresh as a daisy all day long!

I decided to pair the skirt (which has a black background) with the chocolate brown shirt and shoes to prove a point. I know you can't tell from the image, but the brown in the skirt popped. Black is a neutral, brown is a neutral. I have seen several people take this to heart and wear black pants with a brown shirt. Black and brown can live harmoniously together (re: Carla and Turk on 'Scrubs'; and Puffy and JLo - granted that didn't end well). However, in the world of clothing, I think it is best to integrate black and brown with other colors. Cue music: "Ebony and Ivory," but remix it with "Rainbow Connection." (for the lovers the dreamers and me).

Today I accessorized with stacked wood, gold and pearl-white bangles and a Lucite necklace. Ah, Lucite -- not just for stripper heels anymore. I mean, what's the deal with clear jewelry? I'm not sure, but the Lucite beads did a nice job of filling-in the "negative space" at my neckline.

Today was a much better day as far as outfit attention goes. To recap, I heard a gravely "You look like a movie star." This from a gentlemen in my office who obviously has not received his sexual harassment training. A lady in my office commented on my "cute outfit." The nurse at my doctors' office said "I love that outfit...brown and coral are my favorite." See, she clearly noticed the brown. And lastly, "Mommy, look at that ladies' skirt!" This from a hemp-clothed child at the Whole Foods who clearly has no appreciation for unnatural fibers.

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  1. Yeah, I made my blog encrypted for viewing for anyone but myself. But I haven't added a post in at least a year. I kept it online because I thought I might want to print it out at some point, perhaps to add to my wildly Jack-of-all-trades life portfolio. Meanwhile, I will use the comment section of your blog as my new venue for my Peggy Hill-worthy musings.

    I love that you're blogging though! I like blogs with focus, with a purpose. Here, you challenge yourself to a shopping moratorium to outline daily choices in the self-expression of apparel while promoting yourself as a businesswoman--a holy trinity of purpose!

    I've always loved the way you write. My college mentor implied that, gruelingly, the craft of writing well is possible to be taught. But writing is essentially like dressing--either you've got it or ya ain't.

    You got it baby!