Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nothing but "softly feminine" for this "smart girl"

I truly believe that if Donna Reed and Pat Benetar got drunk together and created an outfit, this would be it.

The full skirt and feminine button-up blouse playfully calls, "Dear, dinner's ready," whilst the skirt's funky brushstroke pattern and wide, red, double-buckle belt sings "Heartache to heartache we stand."

Unlike most of my outfits -- which are born of spontaneity -- this outfit progressed over time. I bought this skirt last year at Nordstrom's Rack. When I first wore this skirt, I paired it with a black cotton tank with a matching black shrug and sandals. I remember thinking -- eh, nothing special. The next time I wore it, I let Nick-at-Nite (a/k/a TV Land) be my inspiration.

Growing up, I watched reruns of The Donna Reed Show and Leave it to Beaver. Boy could those ladies dress. Whether they were vacuuming the house or mending socks, they always looked flawless in their full skirts, demure blouses, hostess aprons and heels. Personally, my feminist ideals are closer to Gloria Steinem's than June Cleaver, but that does not keep me from appreciating a classic silhouette and feminine details. I mean, look at the tiny little pleated pockets on my blouse...fantastic!

I just need my Bobbi-Pin Curl Perm and I'm ready for a day of baking muffins and thorough dusting:


  1. But what if you can't make a simple pin curl? :)

  2. Wow! Cute outfit, but what in the world? That video made me laugh. I've never seen a guy dressed to the nines singin' about a woman's hair product. hee hee! Talk about feminism! Who talked that guy into doing that?? :) And I have to say, as a part-time stay-at-home-mom for the summer, those are OBVIOUSLY T.V.s shows. No woman in their right mind would be able to take care of the kids AND have time to dress like that...much less shower! :)

  3. Bridge -- If I stayed at home, I could practice my pin curl when the kids are at school.

    Amy -- I'll have you know I cleaned the entire house and cooked dinner in that outfit. :-)