Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Using colorful language

I am not shy about wearing color. I believe my record speaks for itself. Red, purple, yellow, orange -- I love them all. And today I decided to wear them all at the same time. At first I thought this sweater resembled a sand art jar project.

I got several compliments on it. A couple women asked where I bought it (Macy's by way of Marshall's). A friend at work referred to my sweater as "festive." Festive? Like a pinata?

Given the many vivid colors in the sweater, I opted to wear my white skirt. To me, this skirt says: "Tennis anyone?" However, this thought may have been evoked by Day 2 of Wimbledon(which I know about only because I have no control over the TV at the gym), but I think it has more to do with the pleats. I thought about doing a brown or a nude shoe, but I chose my dark burgundy heels. I think the rich shade compliments the sweater nicely.

In case you did not know, all colors have meanings or assertions associated with them. Colors are proven to affect our mood, productivity and some experts say certain colors garner positive attention from the opposite sex. As today's public service, I will provide you with the general interpretation of certain colors.

Red is often associated with power and determination as well as passion and love. No surprise there, but I also read that red invokes hunger -- which is why so many movie theaters use it in their decor. You buy your ticket, find a seat, get comfortable and before you have time to answer the Coke Trivia question, you think: "I really want a large popcorn and some peanut M&M's." And bam! There goes another $17.50.

Purple is associated with royalty. With all the colors in the sweater that I had to work with, I chose to add a purple cami under the sweater. One can never be too royal -- just ask Prince.

Yellow is associated with happiness, intellect, and energy. Or in my case, bumble bees. It's not like anyone has said to me, "I see you are wearing your happiness outfit today." No. I wear yellow and I'm an insect. It will be years before I let that one go.

Orange is associated creativity and stimulation. However, this could just be the caffeine.

There is also a hint of brown in the pattern of my sweater. Brown is associated with stability, reliability, and approachability. What can brown do for you? And why do you want to get closer?

Not to beat a dead horse (or pinata), my point is this. What you wear says a lot about you. Clothing allows you to express yourself without words. You should not shy away from wearing bold colors. Just a little bit can make a big difference.

To draw on something I learned from the incomparable Cyndi Lauper -- who I have admired for countless years (and I have the paraphernalia to prove it). Your true colors are beautiful, like a rainbow. Don't be afraid to let them show.

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  1. I was wearing a red top today and I was starving all day. How funny!