Thursday, August 6, 2009

Multiple (and divisional) Personality Disorder

If your clothing reflects your personality, does that mean it can have no personality of its own? You're probably thinking, "of course clothes cannot have personality -- they are inanimate objects." While that is true, I still think clothing can have personality, or as today's outfit will show, multiple personalities. That's right. My clothes are schizophrenic. They don't know what they are one second to the next. Here are 2 examples:

Example 1 -- my skirt. This skirt was part of a suit I bought a little over a year ago. Since then, I wore the suit twice. Then, last month I decided to wear the skirt by itself. As I blogged about in June, using pieces of a suit as separates is a great way to economize and maximize your wardrobe. Let me prove my point mathematically. Since I wore the suit twice during the 12 month period last year that calculates to me wearing the skirt .16 times a month (2/12= .16). Last month, I wore the skirt 3 times. If I keep this up, it means I will wear this skirt 36 times this year (36/12=3). That is 18.75 times more a month than last year! I think it is pretty safe to assume my suit has split. And I thought I'd never use math.


Example 2 -- my shoes. Are these shoes brown or orange? Are they a squared-toe shoe that happens to have an elongated toe OR are they a pointed-toe shoe with a squared point (oxymoron much)? They're the Sybil of footwear. And in case you've ever wondered what color a semi-chromed baby cow is (and who hasn't), the color of these shoes is noted on the box as "Semi Chrome Calf".


sweater: Joseph A. silk
tank: Apt. 9
skirt: NY & Co.
shoes: BCBG Girl
jewelry: Cookie Lee

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