Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wash and wear

The things that people say never cease to amaze me. Not necessarily bad comments or insults, but just random vocalized thoughts about what I'm wearing. They are not wildly inappropriate comments -- they are just not things that I necessarily thought of. With all the (seemingly random) comments I get about my clothing, one might think that at some point I should just be able to"take it with a grain of salt." Well, if smiling politely and then blogging about said comment is the grain of salt, then consider it taken.


For example, today at the office a woman stated, "I like your top. You can just throw that in the wash and go."

Huh? I'm sorry, were we discussing laundry and I missed it? As far as I knew, I was on my way to the copy machine and we were about to exchange pleasantries. I mean, I've never worn a suit and heard someone say, "Nice suit. Too bad you have to dry clean that." Washability just seems like an odd thing to mention out of context.

Though, I have to admit -- she is right. This blouse is completely machine washable. Which is fantastic considering the two bags of clothes I dropped off at the dry cleaners this morning. And as much as I do love my man made fibers that can just wash and go the majority of what I wear to the office is dry clean only.

Awhile ago, I discovered Downy Wrinkle Releaser. It helps me get a couple of wears out of skirts and pants before taken them to the cleaners. The product description on the web site specifies "casual clothes," but I find it works great with my wool blends and other dry clean recommended fabrics. Here is where everyone starts to wonder if I have sponsorship from Downy. I wish! No, I'm just a fan.

Today's blouse is new. I wore it with my tab-front, no-belt-required black pants, because I think we can all agree it is time for me to take a break from the belts.

blouse: East 5th
pants: Worthington
shoes: Nine West
bracelet: B&B Resale (it is matte silver, with pave crystal and some dangling thin chains -- so cool)
earrings: Cookie Lee

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